How to Change WordPress Address

Yes initially still a bit confused how to change wordpress addres.Taapi thanks to wordpress support.I’ll tell you briefly about my idea, the reason why I changed the oldwordpress addres so new.
The reason I change it, because from the beginning to make content. So disappointed to finish making thiswordpress. With the disappointment that I live and while developingmy own wordpress. When it realized that I started looking for waysto change my wordpress addres. And little by little began to be,continue to continue to hold (while accompanied Musil CN Blue – I’mLoner). And finally see how.

One more thing, may I ask? Why do you want to change yourwordpress address? Can you answer it?!

Immediately wrote on the topic of problems dah! Look down

First Step:
A. To the Dashboard, then parked the dash there is my blog entry,click


B. Once you are in my blog You will see (blog name, address) whenyou approach the cursor to that address will be writing a blog addreschange, as shown below!


C. After clicking change blog address, will appear as shown below:

4. After that the contents section by section:
no.1 as the picture content means a new address that you want!

no.2 tick if you do not want to just not bother, or check the blue circleas the image above, to create a new user. Just do not check thatthere ditengan, it would bother you.

no.3 check yes, if you want the old address will not be used again. If still want to wear again do not be checked!

5. Just look at the current look of wordpress, wordpress will have changed your address.

Plis comment you if there is something less obvious!

Thank’s for the support!


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