How to insert songs into mp3 or wordpress or blogspot blog without Mixpod

You already know that the application can not be opened mixpod again, here an alternative to incorporate the song into your website: D

  • first step

Make available to the Text widget! [in wordpress], do not know to blogspot, approximately the same time yes ..

  • The second step

Click on the FB link

  • The third step

Clay facebook script in the info, and enter into the widget ..

  • The fourth step

Surely you would know by looking at the script, there are writing URL TITLE SONG LYRICS HERE and HERE ..

  • The fifth step

Suggested open [with google chrome], and then search for the song you want on your website.

  • The sixth step

After the meet, left click on the embed,  copy – paste the embed script to notepad

  • The seventh step

Find the file link there

  • Step Eight

Paste the url songs in a text widget!, Then save.

  • The ninth step

Try to open your website, must have auto play ..

May be useful, I’m just left click on the FB Like Page, hhe.
If there is an error, we’ll comment here you enlightenment!
For URLs song if not met, can comment here ..
We will help you, by giving know what song you want to find its URL –

Do not believe it?? just look at my blog: D song is ringing


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